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2017 is going to be busy! We have several venues we will be selling products at!

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The Varieties We Grow

Nestled in the rolling hills of Middle Tennessee our small farm is where we grow and infuse Lavender into some of the most luxurious bath & beauty products. We use pure Lavender Oil and other Pure Essential Oils to infuse into our products along with growing a variety of English, French and Spanish Lavender. We also use our Lavender to make beautiful Lavender themed decor including hand-woven grapevine wreaths, swags and more! Below are the different Lavender varieties that we grow using both an indoor and outdoor environment. Please browse our website to learn more about Lavender and the products we make!


Lavandula Grosso

Lavandula 'Grosso' is a classic French hybrid lavender grown for its fragrant dark blue flower spikes and vigorous habit. With nice wide gray-green foliage, 'Grosso' is a large grower and blooms heavily providing an ample harvest of flowers for lavender wands, sachets and culinary use. This is an outstanding honeybee plant providing mid-summer flowers after the English lavender finishes flowering in early summer. 'Grosso' has good cold hardiness for a French hybrid and thrives in well drained soils.

Lavandula Provence

Lavandin (L. angustifolia x L. latifolia) is a popular hybrid lavender for the herb garden. t gets its cultivar name from the area in southeastern France adjacent to the Mediterranean and Italy (Provence) where it is commercially grown in large plantings for the perfume industry. Flowers and foliage are heavily scented.

Lavandula X Intermedia (Edelweiss)

This is a less common white-flowering lavender with fragrant green foliage. The leaves can be used for cooking & teas. High in essential oils, it is quite attractive to bees and butterflies. Wonderful aromatic plant with dense spikes of fragrant white flowers, light pink in bud. They are ideal for a hedge and attractive to bee and butterflies. Certainly a unique addition to a garden because of its striking color contrast to that of the traditional purple lavender herb.

Lavandula Dentata

Lavandula dentata (fringed lavender)is an attractive aromatic shrub with a long history of cultivation, and it is especially useful as a conservatory plant in the Northern Hemisphere because of its extended winter-flowering season. The leaves are toothed, greyish-green, 3 cm long, highly aromatic and sticky and borne in rosettes up the woody stem.It was given its current name in 1753 by the Swedish botanist and 'father of taxonomy', Linnaeus. However, it has been known and grown in the Arab world from time immemorial, and today is grown in gardens across Europe, Australia, South Africa and North America.

Lavandula Angustifolia (Munstead)

Lavandula angustifolia, commonly called English lavender, formerly L. officinalis, is a flowering plant in the family Lamiaceae, native to the Mediterranean region. It was reportedly named English lavender because of its ability to grow well in the English climate. This “true lavender” is commercially planted for harvesting its oils for use in perfumes.

Lavandula Hidcote

Lavandula spica 'Hidcote Purple' Lavandula 'Hidcote' is a bushy dwarf evergreen shrub with narrow, silvery-grey leaves and small deep violet-purple flowers in dense, aromatic spikes 3-4cm in length. With its compact habit and dark purple flower spikes, this must be one of the nation's best known varieties of English lavender. The fragrant stems of Lavandula 'Hidcote' are ideal for cutting or drying, and the nectar-rich flowers are particularly attractive to bees.

True Lavender

Lavandula angustifolia (lavender most commonly True Lavender or English lavender,though not native to England ;also garden lavender, common lavender, narrow-leaved lavender), formerly L. officinalis, is a flowering plant in the family Lamiaceae, native to the Mediterranean (Spain, France, Italy, Croatia etc.). English lavender is commonly grown as an ornamental plant. It is popular for its c olourful flowers, its fragrance, and its ability to survive with low water consumption. It does not grow well in continuously damp soil and may benefit from increased drainage provided by inorganic mulches such as gravel.

Lavandula Stoechas (Spanish)

The leaf shape is diverse across the genus. They are simple in some commonly cultivated species; in others they are pinnately toothed, or pinnate, sometimes multiple pinnate and dissected. In most species the leaves are covered in fine hairs or indeumentrum, which normally contain the essential oils. Flowers are borne in whorles, held on spikes rising above the foilage. The flowers may be blue, violet or lilac in the wild species, occasionally blackish purple or yellowish.

Lavender is a Heavenly Gift!

We here at Lavendergirltn believe Lavender was given by God for healing and comfort and we want to share our love for it with you!

Kevin & Kelly Shamblin

Oh yeah! Don't forget about the products we offer!

We make bath and beauty products to help relax and pamper you plus decorative dried lavender items to spruce up that guest room or master bedroom!

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Try our Bath & Beauty Products

We make a variety of bath and beauty products infused with Lavender & other Pure Essential Oils

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Live Lavender Plants

During the growing season, we have a limited amount of Live Lavender plants available. Please check with us for availability.

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Dried Lavender & Lavender Buds

We carry Dried Lavender Bundles and Buds to use for your next project. Check on ETSY for availaiblity.


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Online Product Catalog

Check our Online Store at ETSY.com to browse our catalog of Lavender infused products & more! We do custom orders for Essential Oil scents and we do not use synthetic fragrances in our products.

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Live Lavender Plants

Check with us for Lavender Plant availability during the growing season. We sell varieties of both English Lavender, French Lavender and Spanish Lavender. (Local sales only)

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Dried Lavender Bundles

Looking for something to spruce up your guest room? Put some of our fragrant dried Lavender bundles in a beautiful vase to spruce up any room while giving it the sweet smell of Lavender! Go to our ETSY.com page to order yours!

Meet the Team!

Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a God-given vision, even if that vision sometimes becomes blurry.

Lavender is one of the most beloved Herbs in the World. God in His unique design of our planet gave us this beautiful, edible and healing herb among one of many to remind of His unending love for His Creation.

My husband had an affinity for Lavender and when we married in 2011 and I began to develop a passion for this magnificent plant and wanted to offer locally made lavender infused products and share with the world the amazing benefits this herb offers. From medicinal to beauty products, this wonderful herb can be used for culinary purposes, craft projects, bath & beauty products and more! Please check out our online store at ETSY.com to see our product line that continues to increase as we grow.

One of the things that we both love so much about making available the wonderful benefits of Lavender is all the great people we meet in our community and other communities at one of the many events we attend each year in our local and surrounding area. Tennessee loves buying local and supporting their Local Artisans and that helps make ventures like ours so wonderful.

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We're receiving 5 Star Ratings on Facebook and ETSY!

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A Five Star Rating on ETSY!

"I am so happy with the lavender bundle I received! It looks perfect in my decorative vase and smells awesome too. Thanks so much!"

Haley G. | ETSY Customer & July 28, 2017

A Five Star Rating on Facebook!

"I bought some lotion and bath soap from you at the reruns are fun sale and it has been so amazing for my little girl and her eczema. We will be re-stocking with your biggest bottles soon!"

Megan C. | Reruns R Fun Event, Franklin, TN & Facebook - March 7, 2017

Something Else our Clients Say!

"Amazing! In love with the product and the packaging. It smells divine!" - Himalayan & Lavender Bath Salts

Natalie L. | Customer & ETSY Shopper - Dec. 2, 2016

Our Lavender Bath Gel is a Big Hit with our Customers!

Love, love this soap! Smells heavenly!

Janet S. | ETSY Customer from January 21, 2017

Kind words, kind people! Amy loved the Orange Hand Lotion!!!

This is wonderful lotion! It immediately made my dry chapped hands feel silky smooth. It absorbs fast without any greasy after feeling. And the orange fragrance is amazing!!! It shipped super fast and was well packaged, too. Love it!!

Amy R. | ETSY Customer on February 2, 2017

More Kind words, from more kind people! Allison is a repeat customer!!!

I adore all of Kelly's products esp the lotion, salts, & bath gel. Kelly uses high quality ingredients and they make wonderful gifts as well. I guarantee that you will love her products! I have known her for close to 10 years and she puts so much care into her work, you won't be disappointed at all!

Allison B. | Facebook Post on June 29, 2017

Last minute Bundle Needed! Julie is happy!

The seller was AMAZING ! it was totally last minute but she managed to send it so early !!! the lavender is in great condition and smells fantastic ! really happy with this purchase. THANK YOU !!!

Julie B. | ETSY Customer on May 11, 2017